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Fuck you, mono.

So basically I’m writing this knowing that no one but me will read this and care. Well, I shouldn’t lie…even I don’t particularly care. I just need something to do.

This mono thing…whatever ass coughed on me should burn in a vat of hydrochloric acid. They call it the “kissing disease” but the only person I’ve kissed in ages isn’t a skank ass he-bitch and I know better than to even so much as touch any of the bitches at my school. There’s a large number of people with the clap there…I learned that while sitting in the wellness center waiting to hear that I have mono. I have a few weeks of a sore throat and sleeping 12+ hours a day ahead of me. I’m willing to share upon request…if you get it bad enough you can miss school! Yay! However, I can’t afford such breaks :<

So while my tonsils are the size of Siberia and I can’t swallow solid food, I’ve decided to continue work on my PHP bot. Still working on a name for it…but the idea seems to be pretty solid. Basically, it connects to IRC and just hangs out for now. The rest can be done with modules. I’m not entirely sure if my code is the best it could be so I’m doing a clean up. This will involve spooning the with php manual and petting vi in all the right places so that it behaves. Not sure if I wanna put it in an svn repo or not…perhaps I’ll try this git thing everyone’s raging about. Before I even consider it, it needs to be un-uglied. Maybe I should stop wasting time here and get on with it…

Has anyone else noticed that the Snuggie looks like a cult robe?

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