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I am the toilet God. My roommates were kind enough to leave a clogged toilet for me to deal with on move out day, and God only knows what caused such a massive backup of an industrial toilet. It’s not like it was your common home variety of toilet. No. This is the kind of toilet you see in public restrooms that are made to withstand whatever offerings you may drop into it. This toilet was not only punished, it was brutally raped and left to die. Anyway, they left me to deal with this unholy shit demon. They didn’t bother to leave the plunger that had remained NIB for the entire semester, so I was contemplating calling facilities. Then, as id God himself had placed it there in my time of need, I found an unused plunger on the stairs next to a Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Thank you, oh lord. You have delivered me from evil! However, in keeping with the theme of life hating me, the plunger turned out not to work.

My question is: Who the hell finds a plunger in their time of need? Who the hell finds a plunger that DOESN’T WORK in their time of need? God is mocking me. I can feel it.

I have a nice amount of stuff to do on my break. I guess it’s only a quasi-break since I’m taking two graduate courses. Besides that there are a few projects I’d like to finish.

Some game thing: I have an online game I’d like to at least get off the ground. I’m not so concerned with how it looks at the moment but I’d like to get the main story lines fixed up.

Anope modsite: This thing…will be my Everest. There are a ton of little tweaks and things that people have requested that should probably be implemented. I will finally make a decent home page for this to keep people up to date on my projects.

FailIRC: Ideally I will get the old code cleaned up and have a shiny first release. As I’ve told people before, the old codebase was crap. Utter crap. So it’s getting redone in hopes that I will be able to release it to the general public.

That’s actually a lot of work. Oh well, maybe it will keep me entertained during the school year a little bit as well. Graduation in December. Woot.

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