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No, not being cheeky. That’s really what this post is about.

After some research into other online text-based games, it seems that people REALLY like space games. I think it’s best to go in that direction. Who knows? I may eventually go back to my original idea that I won’t disclose here because of thieves! BACK FOUL BEASTS! o.O

I’m slightly annoyed…this is going to take more work than I had planned. The PHP works and all, however some of it is poorly done. Trying to customize it is proving to be a nightmare. For example, this script has different styles declared in each file that all look the same so if you change the style in the header file (no, not linked. It’s actually declared in the header) then it doesn’t change the style in the registration page. They all seem to have their own headers/footers and look exactly the same. What gives? Simple things like editing a menu to look pretty have proven a bit difficult as well. If you do any web development stuff, you’ve probably used JavaScript at some point. Simple, right? Not so much when the code you’re trying to put it in has about 5 pages of if statements that aren’t clearly laid out. Sigh.

I’ve had some interesting computer problems lately. Installing Vista SP2 on my computer proved to be fatal to it. I was unable to boot it, chkdisk failed, and it was telling me I should probably restore it. Well, I just did that like 2 weeks ago…I’m not all about doing it again :) It redeemed itself though because it created a restore point literally right before I installed SP2. Vista may not be as stupid as I thought! However after round two my wireless stopped working. I’m now the proud owner of an HP Paperweight until I get it fixed.

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