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Le sigh.

Remember all of those fancy things I said I wanted to do? Let’s discuss how many of them are done:

Yeah that about sums it up. I did a few websites for people (won’t link to them here for the sake of confidentiality!) but have yet to do any of my own. It’s slightly frustrating. However, plan to see something on soon. I’m going to need a page for people to see since that’s the one going on the bottom of all my design work :)

Still not finished with the Anope modsite. I should really get cracking on that since it’s one of my major projects! If anyone ever tells you that a master’s degree is easy, slap them. We’re 2 weeks into the semester and I already have papers :( Save me! Such things mean no time for Anope. Muy deprimente.

I’m planning on starting my own company soon when I get the time. I’ve finished the business plan…should be fun. I’m not sure if I want to go into hosting just yet or if I wanted to keep it strictly web design - it’s always been something that interested me. The key issue here is that web hosts are a dime a dozen and it’s a hard business to get into and stay in.

I was also somewhat shocked to learn that this site gets a decent amount of hits every month. Hello internet! Thanks for stopping by.

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