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A VPS! A VPS! My kingdom for a VPS!

So yeah. VPS is down until further notice, which means development on various things comes to a standstill. Sad faces. However, the guys at ezVPS (free plug for being awesome) seem to be working overtime to get that taken care of for all of their customers. All things considered, I can’t complain too much since the cause of this was beyond their control. Keep up the good work fellas!

Anyway, I’ll still update on what I would be doing if I had access to stuff!

Anope modsite - This is still coming along rather nicely. It still needs a better way to store the modules though. I’m wondering the best way to go about this. Currently, the module files are stored in a directory and the path to the files are stored in the database. Unfortunately, this means you have to use Linux to host the site and be on the exact user that the site is currently hosted on. Ideally I’ll make this beast a bit more portable. The bug tracker part works…I think. I’ll be putting the beta up soonish (sometime next month) for people to play with. Hopefully that will iron out some kinks.

Unnamed game - I’ve ironed out a few of the bugs and added some more design work to it. I also added an IRC chat client! I’m not a huge Mibbit fan, so I opted to add qwebirc to it instead. It’s light, fast, and I’m pleased with it. The next task is to include the user name of the player so that it becomes their nickname on IRC. However this might get interesting for people who decide to make users that start with numbers or other crazy characters. I’ll have to think of a way to check for the first character being a number or the whole nick containing non-RFC compliant characters. Wheeeeeeee. I think I have a name for this as well…I’m going to ask around and see what people think.

Business - Business is booming, but I still haven’t registered my business with the state. Whoops. Oh well…as long as I file taxes they won’t care! The admin panel for this thing is becoming beastly. Hopefully I can have that done soon as well. I’ve finally decided on the name as well since the other options I had in my head were taken.

FailIRC - I’ll admit I haven’t worked on this one bit. There are some crazy bugs that need to be fixed such as the window clearing randomly when someone PMs you. Once I wrap all that up and finalize how i want the GUI to look, it will be ready to beta test!

I’d also like to point out that SwiftBNC ( ) is back up and running! They also feature a spiffy new design done by me ;) If you’re looking for a BNC provider, check there and tell them I sent you! It won’t get you anything special, but it will make me happy. There will be a few design tweaks done on my end…whether or not they get implemented on theirs is up to them :P

There are a few more little things I have on my plate before school starts. I’m just ready to graduate. I graduate in December with my bachelors and probably next summer for the masters! Exciting. I think I’m most looking forward to not having to share a room/apartment with people. College kids piss me off. :/

That being said, stay tuned for new developments in various things.

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