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So the VPS was brought back online a few days ago…no data loss! But needless to say, I’m a bit more careful about my backups now.

In recent Anope news, we lost another QA person :( What does this mean? This means that only Chaz and I remain…scary thought, no? It also means that I’m gonna bust my ass to find some contributors - we can’t do this alone! If you’re interested, contact me. There’s plenty to do @ - pick one!

Anope modsite - I’ve decided that there will be 4 groups: User, Author, Team, and Admin. The Users group will be allowed to leave comments, rate modules, and upload modules. I’m trying to get away from having everyone request Author status without actually producing modules. It works, but I think we’re going to go for something a little more prestigious. Module Author status will be reserved for people who have produced a few quality modules and their votes will also help with a new community approval system. I haven’t really thought about any requirements - feel free to send me some! The current admin panel doesn’t afford much control over users/submissions, so I’ve added some links that will allow Admins/Team to add, update, and delete modules and users so that we can have a bit more control over things. I’ve only done the search queries…nothing too serious. I moved the logging feature as well since it takes up a fair amount of space and makes the page rather long :P Somehow I managed to break the bug tracker as well. It saves bugs but with some weird information. It will obviously be something stupid I did, so I’ll have to track that down.

Game site - The webchat now includes the username of the player in the nickname field so that users don’t have to type one in. All they have to do is click connect and it drops them into the channel. I also changed some of the items and areas to have more of a space theme. Since the old setup was a bit generic, it’s going to take a bit of time to tailor things to my theme. I’m still pondering the best way to do leveling and skills. I’ve decided there will be unlimited levels, but how can I balance the skills (what do I call the skills for that matter?) so that there’s a balance of power? Same with the items…not sure how people will obtain those. There are a few ideas I have: have a cron that runs a script that picks a person in each area daily (maybe a few people if the game gets big) and give them a random item from their area OR have an exploration feature where users can explore space and find things. Maybe they can explore the surface of the planet. I also want to have an exploration feature that allows people to explore certain percentages of the surface and research things. Hmm…

FailIRC - Still haven’t done anything with this. It’s pretty much on hiatus until some of these larger projects get finished.

Happy 4th to America…thank God we got away from the Brits! Else we’d talk like cockney noobs :<

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