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Death of a Salesman

But really, Steve Jobs was so much more than that. As I sit here writing this post on my Macbook Pro, I’m thankful for not only the vision that he had, but also the spirit that he imbued. Most companies are faceless creatures that we throw money at when they tell us to, but he really gave Apple a face; a face that I wanted to throw money at in order to achieve technological nirvana. To this day, I have never regretted so much as an iTunes purchase.

Maybe it was the iconic black shirt, or maybe it was the fact that the man knew how to sell his company to multiple audiences at once. All I know is that he could make the best of us into consumer whores and make us love every minute of it. I’m sure his dedication to quality helped too :)

Thank you, Steve. You will be missed.

(I decided to post this a little later since it would have been lost in the OMFGJOBSDEAD posts that immediately followed his death.)

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