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Okay, America. It's Time to Have a Little Chat.

I’m pretty bored with people not cooperating. There was a time when people worked together for a greater good to get things resolved in a way that didn’t infringe on anyone’s rights. Sadly, that time is long gone.

Remember when you were in pre-school and your teacher would tell you it was rude to take toys from other children or throw blocks at them? You’d cry because you were scolded or put in timeout, but most people learned not to be a dick. The last few years have shown me that the government is primarily comprised of children in their 50s+ that exist to throw tantrums when they don’t get their way. Instead of learning from it and cooperating, they continue to cry and actively try to block forward progress unless it benefits them somehow. As a supposedly united country, we should be embarrassed that we elect these tantrum-throwers into power and allow them to make a mockery of pretty much everything the founding fathers stood for.

To make matters worse, these shepherds of failure amass followings of sheeple that increase the volume of noise that these people create. People divide themselves into groups and a shouting match arises to see who can make the most noise. People picket events. People start revolutions that will fall on deaf ears. People are tossing around the idea of marching on D.C. and taking over the Capitol Building. Really?

There are a few issues that send people into a blind rage if you disagree with them that are pretty hot issues on The Hill. Me being me, I’m of course going to bring these issues up and probably piss off both sides in the process. Better start warming up your throwing arm; the blocks are about to fly!


Yes, I’m going to continue beating the dead horse. I feel like every time a tragedy like this happens, knee-jerk legislation is put together because the people demand tighter restrictions on guns. It’s absolutely deplorable that another human being thinks it’s okay to take another human being’s life, especially when that life is a defenseless child, but the reality is that this happens all the time and it shouldn’t take a large scale tragedy for us to start a dialogue.

Lots of people have lots of opinions and I’m not sure I’m qualified to say how this should be addressed, but I implore people to be practical. There’s more to this than the weapon involved. Consider the taboo of mental health issues. Consider the attention we give these tragedies and ask yourself why someone may choose to shoot up a school in order to make a statement. Consider the fact that if it’s not a gun, it’ll be something else. How we prevent these issues and how we handle them afterwards will probably get better results than tightening restrictions on weapons.

Fiscal Crisis

You’re screwing with people’s lives. Real people that live and breathe. I’m a little pissed off that the debt will likely be my problem for the rest of my life because you all can’t get over yourselves long enough to compromise. Cut the crap and figure it out. The public made you and we can take you out just as easily. It’s just unfortunate that a lot of us are blind enough to elect people like you time and time again because we don’t want the other side to “win” this fight. Folks, there’s no winning here. Every time you fail to resolve things, America loses. Me, you, children that aren’t even born yet – this is our burden. Stop empowering people that don’t have your best interests in mind. Even when you think they do, history shows us that they all have their own self-serving agenda.

It’s not just politicians, either. Dicks can be found everywhere.

LGBT Issues

There are a lot of people that quickly dismiss issues in this community simply because they “aren’t the most pressing issues” in America. But to someone out there, this is the biggest issue they will ever encounter in politics. Imagine this:

You’re gay and you want to marry your significant other. You see all of your hetero friends getting married and having children and it distresses you that you will never have this lifestyle because someone else thinks it’s wrong.

Now imagine the flip side:

You’re a devout Christian (or any religion that believes homosexuality/marriage equality is a sin) and it offends you to see homosexuals getting married in your church. You fear that God may punish you and your loved ones if you don’t put an end to this.

Both of y’all believe in something so strongly that you can’t always see the other’s side of this. Both of y’all can be outright mean about it too.

Marriage was one of those religious things that became a legal thing, sort of like how some of the Commandments are laws now. Back when Confucius was going around saying things about men running before cars getting tired, the poor married for love and the rich married for business (okay, not always) and they did this before a deity. Not a whole lot has changed since then except most people have more freedom to marry who they want and how they want. Except gay people. Sometimes.

Maybe the solution is to have the same ceremony and rights but a different title. Not this civil union stuff that doesn’t really give you the same rights. The same exact legal contract and all that it brings to the table. Spousal rights, tax benefits, whatever. Just please remember that you’re all human beings with feelings and you’re all in this together whether your’re religious or not. God or evolution gave us the ability to think for ourselves and be our own people. Embrace humanity and celebrate love in all forms. S’all I’m sayin’.


This is really the LGBT issue in a different form. One group believes this is murder, the other believes that this is a woman’s choice. Again, put yourself in the other side’s shoes and imagine why your opinion might piss them off so much.

Abortions have been happening for thousands of years and it’s probably too late to outlaw them entirely. However, I think there’s a compromise to make here. Unfortunately, the side against abortion is probably going to have to get over the fact that abortions are performed. However, I don’t believe that people who are against abortions should be required to fund them in non-emergencies. Just as plastic surgery is elective, so is getting an abortion (usually). Establish a reasonable cost for the procedure and offer it to everyone. Use private funding to provide services to women who can’t afford it. Keep funding for free/reduced price birth control to help prevent the need for abortions in the first place. Most of all, don’t try and make a profit off of this.

While you’re at it, fix our broken adoption system. There are lots of kids in the system and lots of people adopting overseas because it’s a pain in the ass to do so here. I’d feel better about putting a child up for adoption if I knew they had a better chance of being adopted than being schlepped from home to home. (Though I hear babies are easier to adopt than older children. I don’t know if this is true or not. Also, please don’t take this passage to mean that I think you should abort your kids instead of putting them up for adoption. It’s the family’s choice whether or not to do so and no one can or should order you to do it one way. Some amazing people I know are adopted and I’m grateful for those people who gave their kids a chance at life.)


This is pretty tangental but I take offense to their actions frequently. Everything is sensationalized and the smallest update to anything going on is “breaking news” even if they don’t have much to report. When they cover political topics it seems to result in a very left or right wing opinion with enormous bias towards either side. Once they beat the truth into submission so that it conforms to their views, it’s thrown into an open grave  and left to die. It’s disgusting. There’s a market for a no-BS mainstream media outlet in this country but I almost fear that they’d make no money because people wouldn’t find it interesting. If political talkshow hosts aren’t screaming at someone then people are just going to change the channel, right?

America, you’ve fallen from grace. What was once considered one of the greatest countries is now a laughing stock of the world and we have no one to blame but ourselves. Wake up before it’s too late.

So I thought that was pretty simple to do, but if you got offended it means I failed at making my point. If you think I’m wrong, please let me know. Just remember to think for yourself not be a dick.

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